Barcode Application Areas


Retail stores

Used to facilitate stock control, track and trace, consumption forecasting.

Telecom sector

Software plays very important role for the identification of cards.

Financial services

Bar code Label Printing Application increases the security level.

Distribution and Warehousing industries

Facilitates to track trade items in stores.

Supermarkets and Shopping centers

To tabulate the results of direct mail marketing returns Barcoding System is used.

Blood Bank

For most pharmaceutical products, Blood bank Barcode Label design software is used to control quality and product identification.

Transportation and Shipping companies

  • Increases operational efficiency and profitability of Transportation and logistic operations.
  • Maintains your supply chain function at maximum efficiency.

Inventory Management

Bar code Label Maker Software improves materials, distribution, and logistics planning.

Postal Services

Helps to electronically track outgoing and incoming mail.

Educational institutions

  • Barcode Software helps in managing the library system.
  • Primarily used for the booksellers and stationers.

Others are...

  • Libraries
  • Healthcare agencies
  • Corporate sector
  • Packaging
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Ticket marking
  • Bio-medical and more…