Working Procedure Screenshots:

Barcode Designing View:

Barcode Designing View - Barcode Maker Software

Barcode Designing View Tools to create barcode labels:

Standard Tools:
New: Click to create the New Barcode label for any industry.
Open: Click to open the saved label/card.
Save: Click on save button to save created barcode label/Card.
Save as
Save as: Click to save the copy of the label at specified location.
Copy: Click to Copy Barcode image to use on another application.
Paste: Click on paste icon to apply copied barcode image on your label.
Cut: Using this icon you can easily cut the selected object(s) from the label/Card.
Delete: Option to delete the selected object(s) created in the barcode card.
Undo: Click to erase the last change done on barcode label, helpful to revert it to an older state.
Redo: Click to perform the last command again in the barcode label.
Sent to front
Sent to front: Click to bring the selected object to front.
Send to back
Send to back: Click to send the selected object to back.
Lock: Click to lock the selected object.
Unlock: Option to unlock the selected object.
Show Grid
Show Grid: Click to show grid in the designed label.
Batch Processing
Batch Processing: Option to create multiple barcode labels at a time.
Export: Click to Export Image with different file format including JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, ICO, EMF, WMF and PDF File with Text Mode Option and Print Quality Option to select different DPI for image printing.
Mail: Mail feature to send designed barcode labels at specified E-mail address.
Print: Option to print created barcode label. For more details about printing go through Printing Process.
Exit: Click to exit from the Barcode Designing View.
Drawing Tools:
Text: Click to add specified Text on the label.
Signature: You can also add Signature on your barcode label as per need.
Picture: Click to Add Picture on your designed label.
Barcode: Option to add Barcode on your label/card.
Card Background
Card Background: Set Background image for your created label.
Card Background
Custom Shapes: Click to Add custom shapes on the label.
Library Image
Library Image : Click to Insert Image from library.
Watermark: Click to Apply Watermark.
Alignment: Click to Align selected object (Left, Center, Right, Top, Bottom).
Shapes: Option to create barcode label in rectangle, ellipse and rounded rectangle shape.
Rectangle: Option to insert Rectangle shape on barcode label.
Rounded Rectangle
Rounded Rectangle: Click to add rounded rectangle shape.
Circle: Click to add circle on your label.
Triangle: Option to add triangle on barcode label.
Diamond: Click to add diamond shape.
Star: Click to add star shape.
Line: Click to add line to design barcode label.
Polygon1: Insert polygon1 shape on barcode label.
Polygon2: Click to add polygon2 shape on barcode label.
Polygon3: Option to add Polygon3 shape.
Actual Size
Actual Size: Click to see actual size of barcode label.
Fit to Window
Fit to Window: Click to fit on windows size.
Zoom in
Zoom in: Option to Zoom - in barcode label.
Zoom out
Zoom out: Click to Zoom – out barcode label.

Card Properties:

Barcode Designing View Option

Using Card Properties select Card Shape such as Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle or Ellipse. Enter Card Name, Select Card Type, Product Number, Width and Height of Card. Enable Show Border option to set Border Style, Border Color and Border Width as per requirement.

Text Properties:

Corporate Edition - Barcode Maker

Select Text object from drawing tools to add text on your designed label. You can also set Data Source (Either Manual or Batch Processing Series), Font Settings etc as shown in above screen.

Barcode Properties - Value:

DRPU Barcode Maker Software - Barcode Designing View

Click on Barcode icon from the Drawing tools to add Barcode on your label, Double click on default barcode to edit its properties. First choose linear or 2D barcode font then set selected barcode font properties with value, size, font and color.

Value tab includes following options:

Software Feature
Data Source: Select Data Source as "Manual" or "Batch Processing Series" accordingly.
Software Feature
Barcode Value: Enter the Barcode Value to create barcode.
Software Feature
Barcode Header, Barcode Footer: Enter the Barcode Header and Footer details.
Software Feature
Hide Barcode Header, Hide Barcode Value and Hide Barcode Footer : Select option to hide barcode value, header and footer accordingly.
Software Feature
Show Barcode Value in Top: Select to Show Barcode Value in Top.
Software Feature
Bearer Bar (Vertical), Bearer Bar (Horizontal): Set the Vertical and Horizontal Bearer Bar value.
Software Feature
Narrow to Wide Ratio: Set the Narrow to Wide Ratio value.
Software Feature
Character Grouping: Set the Character Grouping value.

Barcode Properties - Size:

Barcode Properties - Size

Size tab includes following options:

Software Feature
Bar Height (cm) and Density (cm): Set the Bar Height and Density for your Barcode.
Software Feature
Top and Bottom Margin (cm), Left and Right Margin (cm), Barcode Value Margin (cm), Barcode Header Margin (cm), Barcode Footer Margin (cm): Set Margin as per your requirement.

Barcode Properties - Font:

Barcode Designing View Procedure

Font tab includes following options:

Software Feature
Barcode Header Font: Set the Barcode Header Font.
Software Feature
Barcode Footer Font : Set the Barcode Footer Font.
Software Feature
Barcode Value Font: Set the Barcode Value Font as per your requirement.