Working Procedure Screenshots:

Create and Manage Batch Processing Series:

Batch Processing with Barcode Designing View

Above window includes following buttons:

Batch Processing Series Name: Enter Batch Processing name as per your choice.
Import: Click to import list saved in .txt, .xls and .xlsx file format.
Export: Click to export created Batch Processing list in .txt, .xls and .xlsx file format.
Create List: Click to create Batch Processing list using series generation options as shown in the below figure.
Delete Row: Click to delete selected Row from the Batch Processing List.
Import Image Path: You can import multiple images to create barcode list.
Save: Option to save created list.
Close: Option to close current window.

In above screen, click on Create List option to generate barcode series using Sequential, Random or Constant value series feature.

Generate Series:

Generate Series - Batch Processing

Generate Series window has three options to generate barcode list:

Sequential Series: Sequential Series is the list generated in an ordered format. This option Provide Prefix, Suffix and range of sequential list.
Constant Value Series: Constant Value Series is the list generated with constant value. Enable this option to enter value and count value.
Random Series: Random Series is the list generated with random values. Enable this option enter Prefix, Suffix, Count and Length to generate list.

After generating list with specific value series feature click on OK button to proceed.

Created Barcode list:

Created Barcode list

You can see generated series with its serial number in the above screen. You can also use Manage batch processing series button to choose already created batch processing series or delete batch processing series as per need. Click on Export button to export barcode list with excel file format.

Export Barcode List:

Export Barcode List

You can also Export barcode list by clicking on Export button, save generated barcode list with specific name in Excel file format for future usage.

Use Batch Processing series:

Barcode Properties - Data Source

Go to Barcode properties and choose linear or 2D barcode font with batch processing list (e.g. My Product List) to create multiple barcode images with alignment, orientation, character grouping etc.

Print Barcodes with Manual Printing:

Print Barcodes with Manual Printing

Select your print profile to print your generated barcode images on selected printing sheet.