DRPU Barcode Maker - Corporate Edition Buttons

Barcode Maker Software - Barcode Settings:

Barcode Maker Software - Barcode Settings

Barcode Settings includes import, Export, E-mail, Print etc. buttons to create barcode font images.




Barcode Settings tab includes follwing buttons:

Barcode Buttons Barcode Button Description
New Document Click to open new document to create barcode image.
Open Click to open project file from your system that you already created.
Save Option to save project file at user specified location for future purpose.
Save as Click to save created barcode log file for future editing.
Copy Click to copy designed barcode and paste it on any other application.
Export Export option to export created barcode with JPEG, TIFF, Bitmap, PNG, GIF, PDF etc.
Mail Option to Send generated barcodes via email.
Print Click to print created barcode font images with pre define label stock or Manual mode.
Exit Click to Exit from Barcode Maker Software.
Import Excel file Option to import excel file to create batch processing list.
Import Text File Click to import text file to generate barcode list.
Export Excel file Click to Export created barcode list in Excel file.
Create List Click on Create list option to create barcode value, header, footer, print quantity list accordingly.

Corporate Edition Barcode Maker - Designing View :

Corporate Edition Barcode Maker

Go to Barcode Designing view tab to create barcode images with different designing tools.

Barcode Designing View's Standard Tools includes following buttons:

Barcode Buttons Barcode Button Description
New Document Click to create new project.
Open Click to open saved project.
Save Click to save created project.
Save as Click to save created project with different file name.
Copy Option to Copy Barcode image.
Export Option to paste copied Barcode image.
Cut Option to cut selected item from barcode label.
Delete Click to delete selected items.
Undo Option to erase the last change done to the document reverting it to an older state.
Redo Click to revert the effects of the undo action.
Send to Front Option to send selected shape in front.
Send to Back Click to send selected shape in back.
Lock image You can lock and image or shape for any changes.
Unlock Option to unlock item.
Grid Click to insert grid on barcode label.
Batch Processing Series Click to create and manage Batch Processing series.
Export Option to export barcode image with any file format including PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, PDF etc.
Mail Click to send designed Barcode via e-mail.
Print Option to print generated barcode image either manual or pre define label stock mode.
Exit Option to exit from DRPU Barcode Maker Software.

Drawing Tools includes following buttons:

Barcode Buttons Barcode Button Description
Text Click to add specified Text on the label.
Signature You can also add Signature on your barcode label as per need.
Image Click to Add Picture on your designed label.
Barcode Option to add Barcode on your label/card.
Card Background Set Background image for your created label.
Custom Shape Click to Add custom shapes on the label.
Library Click to Insert Image from library.
Watermark Click to Apply Watermark.
Alignment Click to Align selected object (Left, Center, Right, Top, Button).
Multi-shape Option to create barcode label in rectangle, ellipse and rounded rectangle shape.

Shapes includes following buttons:

Barcode Buttons Barcode Button Description
Rectangle Option to insert Rectangle shape on barcode label.
Rounded Rectangle Click to add rounded rectangle shape.
Circle Click to add circle on your label.
Triangle Option to add triangle on barcode label.
Diamond Click to add diamond shape.
Star Click to add star shape.
Line Click to add line to design barcode label.
Polygon1 Insert polygon1 shape on barcode label.
Polygon2 Click to add polygon2 shape on barcode label.
Polygon3 Option to add Polygon3 shape.

Zoom includes following buttons:

Barcode Buttons Barcode Button Description
Actual Size Click to see actual size of barcode label.
Fit to Window Click to fit on windows size.
Zoom in Option to Zoom - in barcode label.
Zoom out Click to Zoom – out barcode label.