Working Procedure:

Sample of USS-93 Barcode Font:

Sample of USS-93 Barcode Font

Example of USS-93 barcode font image designed by Corporate Edition barcode software.

Barcode Properties - Value:

Barcode Properties - Value

Open barcode properties window by clicking on Barcode icon, select barcode technologies and type to start creating ready to print barcode font image with value, data source, header, footer etc.

Barcode Properties - Size :

Barcode Properties - Size

Go to Size tab and set USS-93 linear barcode font image bar height, density, top and bottom margin, left and right margin, barcode value, header and footer margin etc.

Card Properties:

Card Properties

Set card shape, dimension, background image, background color, card name, border etc. using Card Properties feature.

Pre define label stock mode:

Manual Printing

After designing barcode image click on print icon and choose print mode accordingly. In Manual print mode, adjust various settings like page settings, margin between labels and other printer settings. Then click on print button to proceed.

Printing Barcode Label:

USS-93 barcode label

For demonstration purpose, Laser printer prints USS-93 Barcode sheet.