Mac ID Cards Maker (Corporate Edition) Screenshots

Start by using Wizard

Software provides five modules to design ID cards, choose any one module. Here we have selected 'Start by using Wizard' only for demonstration purpose.

Specify Card Information

Specify card information including card name, shape, size etc. Click Next button to continue.

Fill user profile information

To add user information on ID cards, browse excel file data and you can also create batch processing series. Select Data Source, Series/Excel Column, Select Sides and click OK button to proceed.

Card Properties

Now you can make further modification in your designed ID card using 'Card Properties' and various Card Designing Objects including line, barcode, rectangle, text, ellipse, triangle, signature, barcode, watermark etc.

Print Settings

To print your designed ID cards, set various print settings. Adjust Page Properties, Card Size and Spacing, Margins between Card, Page Margins, Card Alignments, Sides and Alignment, Select Layout and Click on 'Print' button. Click on 'Preview' button to see the preview of ID cards.

ID Card Design Software for MAC