Software Screenshots:

Enable Option:

LOGO Maker Software

Enable "Create Label with Blank Format" to start designing Logo. (You can also choose any other option as shown in above screenshot). Now proceed to Next step.

Specify Label properties:

DRPU LOGO Designer

In above screen, you can easily specify label name, size and shape for your card label to design business LOGO.

Label Name: Specify name of your designed label format to save for future purpose.
Size: Set width, height on which you want to design LOGO.
Shape: Choose any type of shape like Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, and Ellipse for your label.

After setting all fields for your card label click on Finish button to continue with next step.

Symbol properties:

DRPU LOGO Maker Software

Choose any pre define symbol from LOGO Design software left panel to add on your label.

Size and colors: From here specify color, image adjustment, and frame for your symbol.
Other Effects: You can also adjust shadow, glow and outline for your selected symbol.

Text properties:

LOGO Designer Tool

Click on text icon from above toolbar to add text on your label, select your default text to its text properties on right panel that includes:

Text and font: Set text settings, text mode and alignment of your text.
Color effects: Specify Foreground and background for your text.
Other effects: With this tab, you can adjust border, rotation and transparency for your selected text.