Working Procedure:

Sample of LOGMARS Barcode Font:

Sample of LOGMARS Barcode Font

Sample of LOGMARS Barcode Font designed by Barcode Maker Software – Corporate Edition.

Barcode Properties (Value):

Barcode Properties (Value)

Click on Barcode icon from drawing tools to add barcode on your label, double click on default barcode to set its properties using value tab:

Software Feature
Data Source: Choose Data Source as Manual or Batch Processing Series as per need.
Software Feature
Barcode Value: Specify barcode value to generate LOGMARS linear barcode font image.
Software Feature
Barcode Header: Set Barcode Header (e.g. Standard 2 of 5 Barcode font) accordingly.
Software Feature
Barcode Footer: Specify Barcode footer value for your barcode image.
Software Feature
Bearer bar (Vertical and Horizontal): Set Bearer Bar value for Vertical and Horizontal for standard 2 of 5 font.
Software Feature
Narrow to Wide Ratio: Choose narrow to wide ratio value.
Software Feature
Character Grouping: Set Character Grouping as 0, 3, 4, 5 accordingly.
Software Feature
Align header and footer: Align header and footer as left, right or center as per your need.
Software Feature
Orientation: Set barcode image orientation (0, 90, 180, and 270).

Adjust Size :

Adjust Size - Barcode Properties

Go to Size tab to set bar height, Density, top and bottom margin, barcode value margin etc.

Card Properties:

LOGMARS Card Properties

Set Card background, image processing, card shape as Rectangle, Round Rectangle or Ellipse, Card name and size etc.

Pre define label stocks Print Mode:

Pre-define label stocks Print Mode

Go to print icon to open Print Window to choose print mode either Pre-define label stock or Manual etc. In case of Pre define label stock mode set label product and product number according to your business requirement.

Printing Barcode Sheets:

Printing LOGMARS Barcode Sheets

On clicking on print button, you will be get printed barcode sheets of LOGMARS Barcode font using Laser printer (e.g. HP LaserJet CP 1025) or any other barcode printer.