Software Screenshots:

Text Properties:

Inventory Control Retail Barcode Software

Click on text icon from drawing tools to add text on your retail business label. Text properties includes following tabs:

General Settings: Choose data source either manual or Data Set.
Color Settings: Set the Fore Color and Back Color accordingly.
Other Settings: Adjust Angle and Frame style for your text.

Barcode Properties:

Inventory Control Barcode Software

Click on barcode icon from drawing tools to add barcode on your label, double click on default barcode to set its properties:

Linear Barcode: Choose any linear barcode font according to your industry.
2D Barcode: Software supports all commonly used 2D Barcode font, choose as per your need.

Here for demonstration purpose, we are using Codabar linear font. Set its value, color, font and size accordingly.

Print Settings:

DRPU Inventory Control Barcode Software

Click on Print icon from above standard tools to print designed barcode.

Print Mode : Choose either pre define label stock or Manual mode to print barcode images. Here, for demonstration purpose we are using Pre define label stock mode.
Select Label : Choose label product and product number according to your industrial needs.
Label products : Software has different label products including: Ace Label, A-ONE , APLI, Avery A4 , Avery US Letter, Compu Label, Formtec, Herlitz PBS AG, Herma, Hisago, Lorenz Bell, May + Spies, MACtac Starliner Label, Office Depot, Sigel GmbH, TANEX, Tico, Tower and Unistat.
Product Number: Software has corresponding product number for label product.
Label Details: It will filled as per your settings automatically in case of pre define label stock mode.
Print Options: Set Printer, paper used and number of copies etc.
Current Label size: This option shows current barcode label and size.