Software Screenshots:

ID Card Designing option:

ID Card Design Software

Choose any one option among Start with Templates, Start by using Wizard and Open with Existing label format and click on Next button to proceed.

Card Settings:

DRPU ID Card Maker Software

Above windows need to fill all your card details including:

Card information: Fill card name and number of sides.
Card Size: Specify Preset, Card category etc. for your ID Card.
Card Shape: Enable any one shape to apply on your card.

Card Background:

ID Card Designer Tool

Browse path of background image from library with border (If you want to) and click on Create Card button.

Text Properties:

ID Card Maker

Front view of designed ID card. You can also edit designed card using card properties.

General Settings : This option includes Data source, text, font etc.
Color Settings : Option includes fore color and back color for text.
Other Settings : Set angle and border of specific text.