How to generate 2D barcode labels using barcode maker software

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QR code means, Quick Response Code. It is a better way to store all kinds of data in a small space. A single QR code can store up to 4000 characters. You can easily create 2D barcodes using the following steps:
QR code Font

QR Code

How to generate 2D barcode labels with different shapes and sizes ?

Include following details while generating barcode labels using QR Code Font:

  • Data Source : Choose Data Source as Manual or Batch Processing series accordingly.
  • Select Barcode Font : Select the Databar barcode font.
  • Barcode Value : Enter the Barcode Value.
  • Message Append : Specify the message appended across multiple symbols if Number of Symbols is greater than 1.
  • Barcode Header : Enter the Barcode Header details.
  • Barcode Footer : Enter the Barcode Footer details.
  • Align Header : Set the Barcode Header to "Left, Center or Right".
  • Align Footer : Set the Barcode Footer to "Left, Center or Right".
  • Number of Symbols : Select number of symbols.
  • Error Correction Level : Select Error correction Level Value.
  • QR Code Reader Initialization : Select if reader initialization symbol requires.
  • Hide Barcode Header : Select to Hide Barcode Header.
  • Hide Barcode Footer : Select to Hide Barcode Footer.

You can also change the Barcode Settings using following tabs:

Barcode Input Data

Barcode Settings

Barcode Color Option

General Settings:

General Settings

QR Code barcode

General Settings tab includes following options:

  • Header Margin (cm) : Set the Header Margin.
  • Footer Margin (cm) : Set the Footer Margin.
  • Left and Right Margin (cm) : Set the Left and Right Margin.
  • Top and Bottom Margin (cm) : Set the Top and Bottom Margin.
  • X- Dimension : Set X dimension margin.

Font Settings:

Font Settings

QR Code barcode maker

Font Settings tab includes following options :

  • Barcode Header Font : Set Barcode Header Font color.
  • Barcode Footer Font : Option to choose Barcode Footer font.

How to design Linear and 2D barcode fonts to generate inventory and retail labels?

Color Settings:

Color Settings

QR Code Barcode Generator

Color Settings tab includes following options :

  • Barcode Color : Set the Header Margin.
  • Barcode Background Color : Select the Barcode Background Color.
  • Barcode Header Color : Select the Barcode Header Color.
  • Barcode Footer Color : Select the Barcode Footer Color.

Image Settings:

Image Settings

Create 2D barcode font

Image Settings tab includes following options:

  • Bitmap : (Bitmap is the type of image format used to store digital images)
  • Resolution Independent Metafile : (Resolution Independent Metafile is a high resolution image file format to save the barcode label)
  • Image DPI : Enter the Image DPI (Dots Per Inch) value while you copy or save barcode image.
  • Orientation : Rotate the barcode image in 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees.

Note : Image DPI value changes are only applicable when Image Type "Bitmap" is selected.

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