Working Procedure:

Sample of Databar Code 128 Set A Barcode Font :

Sample of Databar Code 128 Barcode Font

Sample of Databar Code 128 Set A Barcode Font designed by DRPU Barcode Maker Software.

Barcode Properties - Value:

Barcode Properties - Value

Go to barcode properties and select barcode technologies and type with its value including Data source, barcode value, composite data, barcode header, barcode footer as per need.

Barcode Properties - Size:

Barcode Properties - Size

Go to Size tab and adjust bar height, X dimension, character grouping, top and bottom margin, left and right margin, barcode value margin, barcode header margin and barcode footer margin accordingly.

Card Properties :

Card Properties

Card properties includes following tab:

General: Option to adjust card shape, dimension, pre define or custom card type with product number.
Fill Background: Set background color with solid color, gradient color, background texture and image.
Image Processing: Option to set image contrast, brightness, hue.

Manual mode:

Manual print mode

Software has print settings to print designed barcode label with two modes: Pre define label stock and Manual mode.

Print Profile: Option to add new print profile, edit print profile and delete already created profile.
Page Properties: Default settings according to your print profile.
Margin between Labels: Adjust vertical and horizontal margin between labels.
Print Options: Set printer, total labels, maximum labels per page, and number of copies.
Current Label Size: Option shows current label height and width.

Printed Barcode Label :

Printed Barcode Label

You can see Printed Databar Code 128 Set A Barcode Font.