Codabar Barcode

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Codabar (also called as Rationalized Codabar, USD-4, NEW-7 and Code 2 of 7) is a binary level barcode originally developed by Monarch Marking in 1972. Codabar can encode the digits 0 to 9 with special character symbols (-, :, ., $, /, +). Codabar is used in libraries, blood banks, membership cards, in the overnight package delivery industry, air parcel services, shipping industry and in variety of other information processing applications.

Codabar is a numeric bar code designed for character self-checking, eliminating the requirement for checksum characters. There is no checksum defined as part of the Codabar standard, but some areas like libraries have adopted their own checksum standards helpful in maximizing the data integrity. Codabar barcode labels are created in human-readable format and are useful for product packaging, shipping labels etc.

These generated barcodes is easily readable by barcode scanners and can get printed by any general laser or inkjet printers or by any specific thermal or barcode printers in best quality.

The label maker software works on all Windows platform and creates Codabar barcode tags, labels or stickers in your own customized way. The labels can be easily formatted in your style including, your choice of Caption colour, barcode colour, background colour and caption font. The created barcode images can be saved in supportive image format on your computer system in the easiest way.

Bulk of Codabar labels can be generated simply by defining either the starting and ending point of the bar code labels using sequential series or by defining the specific number of barcode quantity (need to be created) using random series method.